Honda of Owings Mills
Honda of Owings Mills

Green Roof

Honda of Owings Mills‘ facility has several environmentally friendly features that earned us the “Most Sustainable Car Dealership-Baltimore Magazine Best of 2008 Award Winner.” We boast a state of the art Green Roof featuring approximately 60,000 drought and frost-resistant plants with a high carbon dioxide absorption rate and a high oxygen yield. The soil for these plants also helps absorb run-off water which would usually enter the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Honda of Owings Mills‘ Green Roof was the first Green Roof in Baltimore County.

Our facility also utilizes used motor oil to help with heating. We also have 87 insulated glass panels that help conserve energy. Our lighting system uses energy efficient bulbs along with switches that are connected to motion sensors so if nobody is using a room the lights will turn off and energy will be conserved.

Our carwash uses reclaimed water to help conserve vital resources. These are just a few things that Honda of Owings Mills does to participate in the global community’s shared responsibility of energy conservation.

Project Name: Honda of Owings Mills
 Year:  2006
 Owner:  Honda of Owings Mills
 Location:  Owings Mills, MD, USA
 Building Type:  Commercial
 Type:  Extensive
 System:  Single Source Provider
 Size:  28500 sq.ft.
 Slope:  1.5%
 Access:  Inaccessible, Private
 Submitted by: Emory Knoll Farms & Northwest Honda


Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Plant Supplier: Emory Knoll Farms
Roofing Contractor: Donald B. Smith Roofing
Waterproofing: Firestone TPO
Drainage: AmeriDrain
Architect: Peter Powell and Rob Gordon, Beck, Powell & Parsons
Landscape Architect: Thomas J. Hoff